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[Product brand] [Fashion] H&M Vietnam to open first store in Hanoi

H&M Vietnam has revealed it will open its first store in Hanoi, not Ho Chi Minh City, the nation’s largest population base.

The Swedish-headquartered fast-fashion giant has already commenced recruiting staff.

According to the recruitment ads, H&M will open its first store on a 2000 sqm in Hanoi with roughly 100 employees.

The recruited employees will be trained overseas for three to five months before coming back to Vietnam to set up stores.

The firm also plans to hire employees in Ho Chi Minh City where the second store is said to scheduled to open in Vincom Thao Dien, District 2.

H&M currently operates around 4300 stores across 64 markets. Last year, after the other fast-fashion empire Zara opened the first flagship Vietnam, H&M announced it would open a store here as part of its global expansion plan for 2017 which also includes Georgia, Colombia, Iceland and Kazakhstan.


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