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100 KPI’s for Mobile Telecom Operators

100 KPIs for Mobile Telecom Operators. Illustrative figures in the brackets show indicative values for an Asian Operator.

Consultant Value Added

Telecommunication service industry around the world is facing significant challenges from competition, technological revamps at very short frequencies and never-ending customer demands. In full-grown markets, the preferred path to growth is that of acquisition of competitors or alliance with newer partners. On the other hand, promising markets with explosive demand provide vast opportunities for the players.

Today, telecommunication industry is no longer technology centric, but it revolves more around customer relationship. Customer satisfaction and marketing intelligence with innovative promotional schemes and advanced technology are the drivers of business. Also, cutthroat competition and mammoth investments in the telecom industry churn away profit margins and make intelligent decision making critical. And how do CXOs make decisions? Through KPI monitoring, control and analysis.

As in the rest of the industries, a performance indicator or key performance indicator (KPI) is a measure of performance. Such measures are commonly used to help an organization define…

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